Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I've been asked to develop some promotional art for a locally-produced film. It's a live-action, fan-film based on the original Mario brothers game! Click the link on the right to learn more about Supafied!


Shane said...

Sweet! That must be awesome James. My eyes lit up when I saw the Mario and Luigi drawing. How does one go about getting the Toad shirt that the dude is whereing on the Supafied webpage? I guess I do have my Mario Bros T, but this is Toad!

J.E.Daniels said...

There is a shop downtown called Ol'Callcutta (is that how you spell it?) this place sells "pop-culture themed" t-shirts. I'm not sure if there are any toads left, but it's worth a look!

Shane said...


Yea that's where my Super Mario Bros. T-Shirt is from (as a gift). I wanted to get a T-Shirt in the States that said "Remember Your Roots" above a NES controller. But they didn't have any in my size :(