Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Birth of a Logo

Hiya' Bloggers! I haven't posted much lately, I've been kind of busy with other things.
I'll let you in on what I was fiddling around with tonight. My girlfriend Judy loves to scrapbook and asked me to design her a logo.
Of course that was a while ago, so now I figured I'd better get started. Love you Hon!
The first step was to do a little thought processing. The name for her product is "Judy Maid: Just For You". The word "made" being spelled "m" "a" "i" "d" bugs her mom so she figured on keeping the spelling that way.
The thought of an actual house maid came to mind, but that seems out of place, that would say more "cleaning" then "scrapbooking".
To keep the logo more personal, Judy loves our cat, KitKat. So I figured it would be cute to include him somewhere in the design. I found the perfect picture:
Ain't he cute?
Next was to fiddle around with a design. From what I've learned in school was that a logo works best in a square or circlular shape. Using photoshop, I started by cropping the picture so that only Kit's head remained. I then applied various filters to the image and came up with this:

Next, I imported this picture into Freehand, an illustration program which is slowly disappearing, and tinkered with typography and color. Originally, Judy wanted KitKat in a star, but that didn't look right, so I included some smaller stars in the design. My original idea was to keep the logo black and white but Judy wanted a spot of color. As I moved a piece of the image, a blue outline appeared, and Judy liked the blue color. The type chosen gives the logo a "fun" feel which Judy likes. The first housemaid image stuck with me so I included a little maid cap for Kit to wear. So here is the final image:

Now Judy has something to include at the end of her scrapbooks. Hope you people like it as much as Judy does!

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Shane said...

wow, that's pretty impressive. I wish I could make logos like that. As you've seen from my site, i'm not too talented with logos! I loved the Animaniacs video off the hop but it was getting annoying towards the end! Much like the original I suppose. Keep up the good work! WE NEED MORE COMMENTS! Where have all the good Bloggers gone? Damn you all!