Sunday, June 11, 2006

Just Watched Pixar's Cars

Another gem from Pixar! I highly recommend this film! Personally, it was weird watching this picture. The automobile characters are animated so "real", after walking out of the theatre, you would think you could strike up a conversation with one of the cars outside..... but that's just me.
I will say it wasn't the best thing Pixar has done, let's not forget the Incredibles. I think that's going to be a hard one to beat for themselves.
The film wasn't filled with slapstick action throughout, it does have exciting scenes where they are expected, but the story in itself is classic Pixar fair.
That's the difference between Pixar and the other studios, underlying stories. Alot of the other animated movies that keep coming out these days have your basic storyline, start to finish, with pop culture refrences thrown in here and there.
So go out and see it! But if you have your doubts, wait until it's out on DVD, either way, it won't disappoint! Oh yeah, stay and watch the credits to the end!

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