Thursday, June 15, 2006

Looney Tunes: 2004

These were the only Looney Tunes produced by Larry Doyle in 2004 in hopes of reviving their popularity.
Sadly, with the Back in Action movie not responding well to audiences, these cartoons were not seen in theatres.
These shorts are not the greatest, but it's nice to see some new Looney Tunes shorts anyway.
There are some funny gags & jokes in these but they just don't save these cartoons from failing.....(a big thanks to ThadK for posting these on YouTube!)
(Sorry people, these were taken off YouTube, but you didn't miss anything..)

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Shane said...


I've watched the first two so far! Not bad, but not spectacular either. Have they lost their touch?

Hey, whatever happened to that other guy who posted comments??? Or one, anyway. I miss him!