Saturday, July 22, 2006

Animators Discuss Open Season, Spiderman 3

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Bringing Sony Pictures Animation's first computer-generated movie "Open Season" to life in "Warner Bros. style" wasn't easy, said Animation Mentor artist Chris Williams. It meant making characters like the domesticated grizzly bear Boog, the mule-deer Elliot an the rabbits move, squat and stretch in cartoon-ish "Warner Bros. style,"

One of the more challenging shots for Williams focused on a scene where Elliot stands outside Boog's home and throws rabbits, instead of rocks to get his attention, at the bear's bedroom window. The rabbits needed to squash up against the glass, rather than break it.

Williams said anchor points in the animation software let him flatten and reshape the rabbits to make them look believable. Sony plans to release the animated feature, also in 3D, in September.

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