Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gossamer Invades Looney Tunes Comics

According to, for the next three issues of the Looney Tunes comic, Gossamer seems to have a bit of play. Seems that the writers can't get enough of the big red monster.
Gossamer is a cool character, but very limited. Point being: he's a monster.
Sure, he did appear in a Duck Dodgers cartoon but other times he only gets a permanent role of being a monster in some creepy castle. Maybe these new stories will give him a chance to break away as a one-role character.

Porky takes Sylvester in for a dental check-up, not suspecting that he's meeting a doctor who believes all toothaches can be cured by brain removal!
Bugs Bunny finds himself in the most intense soccer game of his life – for his life! Plus, Bugs and Daffy discover that land down under: Atlantis!
Marvin the Martian has studied all types of Earth creatures, but none have intrigued him more than Taz! Plus, is Sylvester a treat for Gossamer?

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