Monday, July 17, 2006

It Keeps Looking Better

Bah, Humduck!, The Looney Tunes Christmas DVD coming out this holiday, is starting to look good! The problem with these straight-to-dvd films is that care is usually not taken in producing a well done movie.
But one of the voice actors of the movie has given it an already good review. So hopefully this is one production that won't disappoint. Here's hoping and here's the comment:


Just wanted to let you know WB screened "Bah, Humduck" last night. I was most impressed!! The studio did a fine job of taking the classic characters and wrapping them around this classic story. It's very sweet!!! And even has some laugh out loud jokes that will go over small kid's heads, but adults will love. I voiced Porky, Tweety, and Speedy in the film. You'll even see elements of Jones and Clampett in the characters designs.

Bob Bergen

According to:
The movie has a running time of 45 minutes. Here's a screenshot of his name in the credits:


David Germain said...

Is that Sylvester & Tweety picture a poster ad for the film or just some clip art?

I'd love to get some more info and look at some screen shots to see if I'll agree with Mr. Bergen or not.

J.E.Daniels said...

It's just some clip art I found.
I'm waiting to see some screen shots as well.
Maybe there will be a trailer for it on the upcoming Animaniacs/Pinky & The Brain DVDs?