Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Favorite Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Usually, I prefer the wild slapstick humor of the Warner Bros cartoons. The Disney studio does surprise me once in awhile though.
My favorite Disney character has always been Goofy. He is the one true slapstick genius.
The Disney crew was responsible for Roger Rabbit. Roger is a trademark of both Disney and Amblin Entertainment though.
Mickey Mouse, to me, has always been a boring character. He doesn't squash or stretch or has heavy objects dropped on himself. He just giggles alot and ends up being cute.
Disney made an animated short back in 1995 that finally gave Mickey some attitude.
"Runaway Brain" is a classic cartoon! It's a zany adventure with a horror movie motif.
The Disney company hid this from the public shortly after it's premier, probably because their mouse is turned into a monster.
It's a great slapstick story filled with lots of funny gags! Even a little adult humor!
I believe this one cartoon paved the way for more of Disney's funnier cartoons featured on Mickey's MouseWorks and House of Mouse! I hope they put those new shows on DVD soon!
Anyway, enjoy "Runaway Brain", I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
Watch it before YouTube cancels the link!

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