Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pinky & The Brain on DVD!

I just picked up a new DVD collection today, Pinky & The Brain: Volume 1!
The two lab mice first showed up on the Animaniacs television show (also on DVD now!) and proved to be popular enough to have a spin-off show of their own!

The first 22 episodes of the series are highlighted here and are they good ones.
The Brain finds his parents and brings them home to visit. The mice duo try to take over the world Christmas Eve. Snowball, The Brain's archenemy is introduced. Pinky discovers a new phrase. Many more hilarious plots for global domination are unleashed.

And no DVD release is complete without a special feature.
"Are You Pondering What I Am Pondering?" is a featurette that stars the creators and voice artists that worked on the show!
If you are a fan of animation, you will love this set! I haven't been able to enjoy all the episodes yet, but I'm sure they are all great! Narf! Zort! Troz! Egad!

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