Thursday, July 06, 2006

Simpsons Movie Update

Hey Bloggers! Just a little news bits about the Simpsons Movie coming next year....


There will be new characters introduced in the movie; It has been stated that Albert Brooks is scheduled to provide a guest voice for an all-new character in the movie, and may reprise some of his past characters (Brad Goodman, Jacques, Hank Scorpio, Cowboy Bob and Tab Spangler). Also, Minnie Driver and Erin Brockovich (the real-life activist) are confirmed to have parts.

Kelsey Grammer has said that his character, Sideshow Bob, will make an appearance in the movie.


Having Brockovich play a part in the film could mean that the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, with its appalling safety record, will play a strong part in the plot.

The whole range of 'notable' Simpsons actors and characters are expected to be used.

In April 2006, Ain't It Cool News reported this "scoop": "In the movie Homer causes an accident at the nuclear power plant - which causes the town’s drinking water to be spoiled. Therefore, Erin Brockovich is guest starring - playing herself. After the incident, Homer gets fired from the plant, and majority of Springfield's citizens move away." However, it should be noted that it was reported by a speculative source, so it may not actually turn out to be the plot at all.


Shane said...

I really hope this movie isn't disappointing. I sure hope it's not equivalent to 3 new episodes, and I pray they are a little more dangerous with the humour, a la Family Guy style.

J.E.Daniels said...

Well, I did hear they are planning on filming it in Cinemascope,(hence the length of the frame), and the animation is to be above the t.v. series. Also I think they are going to have some language not usually used for the show as well. Personally, I hope they stay away from the Family Guy humor. It's better for, well, Family Guy.