Friday, August 04, 2006

1990: Spiderman in Winnipeg

It's true. Spiderman did have an adventure in Winnipeg back in 1990.
All thanks to a story called: "Skating on Thin Ice!".
There was a series of Spiderman comics made specifically to educate young Canadians about substance abuse among other life lessons.
Here's the blurb under the splash-page: "This book has been produced under the direction of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police with the cooperation of the Alliance for a Drug Free Canada..." You were able to collect them from neighborhood police officers.
The story goes as follows: Spiderman is trying to foil Electro's drug smuggling plans and ends up following a lead to Winnipeg.

Once there, Peter Parker is assigned to take photos and interview a contestant for an upcoming science fair and stumbles upon kids who are experimenting with drugs.

A drug dealer is tailed by Spidey and Allen, a boy taken under Spidey's wing to be taught about substance abuse, and leads them to Electro's hideout.

Allen saves Spidey by knocking out Electro with a hockey puck and the day is saved.

It seems that the story continues in Fredericton at the science fair in a story called "Double Trouble". Unfortunately, I never collected the remaining issues. I was excited only about Spiderman coming to Winnipeg.
It was interesting to see a Spiderman story set in my hometown. But, it seems that the artist did not have any reference when drawing the setting in Winnipeg.
Winnipeg does not look like that. The many close-set buildings and "Winnipeg Mall" are fictional. Those scenes made me laugh. Perhaps that part of the story could have been set in the Exchange District, but I don't recall seeing many big warehouses around here.
But all in all, it's great that Winnipeg was brought into the Marvel Universe! Thank you very much to Mavel Comics for showing readers we exist. Although Manitoba is never mentioned.


Shane said...

Awesome! Wow, now this just made my life! Spiderman and Winnipeg together. What could be better?

Shane said...

On another note, why the hell is that kid wearing an Edmonton Oilers jersey. Damnit. I still love Spiderman!