Friday, August 25, 2006

Megatron Description Released

Over at Aint It Cool News they’ve posted some pictures of what Megatron is going to look like in the Transformers movie. They’ve gone away from the gun idea of the original cartoon and decided to make him a robot that turns into an alien jet. I don’t know how you guys feel about this but I don’t like it. Megatron needs to be a gun and as a robot he needs to have a f**king massive gun on his arm. This version just doesn’t work for me.
Update: Said images have since been removed. So dont bother going looking now :) Instead enjoy the Transformers Posters below. OR perhaps Watch the Transformers Teaser Trailer !
In 1984, the Transformers brand took the world by storm with its compelling saga of the "Robots in Disguise," and quickly became a childhood rite of passage with a tremendously successful toy line from Hasbro and Takara, comic book series, television program and animated feature film. The new movie is scheduled to come to cinemas July 4th 2007.


Shane said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Can hardly wait! I see you fixed your site! But deleted my comment :(

See ya later bud!

J.E.Daniels said...

Sorry 'bout that!
Which comment was it?