Monday, August 28, 2006

Simpsons Spin Off Rumor

I was just watching the seventh season episode "22 Short Films About Springfield" with commentary, and something interesting was mentioned.

"We actually tried to use this show as the inspiration for a spin-off of The Simpsons..."
"We talked about doing a show called "Tales of Springfield" or something like that in which every week would be a different thing. It might be 3 shorts about other characters. It might be "Little Homer", adventures of Homer as a boy. Or it might be "Teen Homer"...."
"It would be individual Simpsons segments but you wouldn't have to tie it into the family, cause there's this whole other world out there...."
"We've been talking about it for about 6 years with (Matt Groening)."

Now that the movie is underway, maybe there will be a whole new spin-off show premiering afterward? This idea also seems to be the inspiration for an eighth season episode, "Simpson's Spin-Off Showcase".

So who knows for sure? It might happen, it might not.

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