Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Superman & Bugs Bunny

Back in 2000, DC comics released an interesting mini-series. "Superman & Bugs Bunny" was written by Mark Evanier while illustrated by Joe Staton, Tom Palmer, and Mike DeCarlo. The series ran for four issues.
The story starts out as the DoDo and Mr. Mxyzptlk meet one another and decide to merge the Looney Tunes world with the DC Superhero world to create havoc.As various Looney Tunes invade the Superhero world, the Justice League investigates.

Mxy and DoDo plays jokes on the confused characters such as switching personalities between Superman & Elmer Fudd and Bat Man & Daffy Duck.
The Toyman starts causing trouble and both the League and Tunes join forces to foil his plans.

Eventually the teamup of Mxy and the DoDo is discovered and the worlds are separated once again.
The series was alright. Nothing spectacular, but a good effort. Mark Evanier inserted a bunch of inside jokes that only true Looney Tunes fans would catch, which was fun for myself. The art is good, but personally I think that the Tunes needed to be slighty more "cartoony". Perhaps Dave Alveraz could have done a good job of that. His art is very fluid and exaggerated like it would be in an actual animated cartoon. Mike DeCarlo is an excellent cartoon inker, but his pencilling leaves something to be desired.
The monthly Looney Tunes comic is still going strong. Hopefully the series continues to bring us new Looney Tunes adventures since there is no sight of new animated cartoons in the immediate future.

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