Monday, August 07, 2006

Uli Meyer Animation

I want to take the time to let you guys know about this London based animation studio. They are responsible for many great pieces of animation.
They worked alot on the animation used in Warner Bros' Space Jam.
I guess that is when Uli had the idea to try his own live action/animated movie.
Entitled "The Duck", the story revolved around a scientist trying to create a formula that manipulates the genetic growth struture of plants to rejuvenate the rainforests and abolish world hunger. His daughter's pet duck swallows the formula and becomes a wacky, 'toon duck. Underworld leaders try to use this new found power for evil and must be stopped by the inventor and the duck.
Here's a clip:

Unfortunatly, that movie wasn't made. Too bad, it looked pretty cool.
Check out the studio's website at:
Also check out Uli's blog at:
Their next film is "Monstermania". A CGI animated film based on a story about the classic movie monsters!

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