Monday, September 11, 2006

9 /11 Five Year Anniversary

I was riding the bus home today when I noticed the date displayed on a sign. "September 11th".
Now why did this date ring a bell I thought? I turned on the news broadcast and realized today marks the 5th anniversary of that terrible day in New York.

I remember waking up around 9 am that day. My girlfriend had just came through the back door and informed my mother and I to turn on the news. The image of one of the towers in flames filled me with fear. The news reporter frantically informing the viewing audience of what was happening. Suddenly the second tower fell and I thought, "My God. This is it. We're going to war."

I instantly thought that the retaliation of this unforgiving act was going to be disasterous.

All three of us ended up leaving home and headed downtown to clear our heads. Newscasts were being played on televisions everywhere we went.

That day, people seemed to be in a daze. I know I was. Thinking about all those poor souls that died. Innocent people just minding their own business. What evil was behind this crime?

I send out my condolences to everyone who lost somebody that day.
May they rest in peace.

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David Germain said...

My 9/11 post is up on my blog right now too.

I was driving to animation school that morning listening to it all on the radio. The mood was certainly sombre at school that day.

I remember someone on the radio saying that people had run out of the subway in a panic and a baby got trampled in the process. One girl walked out of the room crying when she heard that, can't say that I blame her.

Geez what horrible day that was. Whoever was responsible for the whole thing, I can't wait to see your soul rot in Hell. >:P