Friday, September 08, 2006

The End of The Flintstones

Well, not really. Just the end of the original series.
The Flintstones: The Complete Sixth Season just came to DVD on Sept. 5th.

It's the final season of the original series and it's a good one. I haven't been able to watch all 26 episodes, I just watched the ones I remember. From what I skimmed through, I picked up on a theme for this last season: magic, dream sequences, and plenty of music.

Also introduced this season is that imp from another planet, The Great Gazoo. His advice and powers get Fred & Barney into alot of trouble and adventures.

One of my favorite Gazoo adventures is the episode, The Long, Long, Long Weekend. Gazoo shows Fred the wonders of the future by sending both husbands and wives to the 21st century.

Another favorite of mine is the season opener, No Biz Like Show Biz. Pebbles & Bamm Bamm hit the big time by singing the hit smash, "Open Up Your Heart and Let The Sunshine In".
My favorite music inspired episode, Masquerade Party, introduces that music group "The Way-Outs". A local radio station launches a Way-Outs publicity stunt that creates panic in the city and causes trouble for Fred whose trying to get to the party.

Here are the Lyrics to The Way-Outs' hit: "Way Out".

"And a-one, and a-two….
There’s a place where I can go,
And that’s where I want to be,
I’m sayin’ goodbye to you good people,
For I found a place for me,
Yeah, yeah, yeaaaahh…
Gonna go way out, WAY OUT!
That’s where the fun is, way out, WAY OUT!
That’s where the sun is, way out, WAY OUT!
Where I want to beeee…
‘Cause that’s the place for meeee….!"

Also the lyrics to The Beaties' song: "My Broken Heart Will Never Mend".

"My broken heart will never mend, no no,
You turned me down, that was the end, oh whoa,
The day you told me we were through, ooh ooh ooh,
Was the day I found out that I love you, ooh ooh,
And my broken heart will never mend,
Unless you come back with the glue, ooh ooh ooh,
Oh, ohhh,
Oh, ohhh."

I recommmend this DVD set to any animation lover. If you've been collecting the season sets, this is a must have. Hopefully Warner Home Video will release more Flintstone's material to DVD in the future.

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