Monday, September 04, 2006

I Am The Terror That Flaps In The Night....

I am the DVD that was released on Aug.29th, I am Darkwing Duck!
That's right kiddies, the mighty mallard has been given the DVD treatment by Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

Now, I'm not exactly sure if the episodes are in release order or if it's simply a collection, but 27 episodes are gathered here for the first time on DVD. I was really inspired by this show when it first aired in the early 90's. I noticed as I watched these shows that I used the same kind of formula when I created my own characters for comic stories.
This is my all time favorite Disney television show. Mainly due to the fact that when animation veteran Tad Stones created this show, he didn't want the episodes to resemble a tiny feature film, but a long short subject. The humor is very much like Warner Bros in that sense.

These stories follow the adventures of Darkwing Duck and his adopted daughter Gosalyn, along with his sidekick Launchpad McQuack. Darkwing travels across rooftops in St.Canard while protecting the citizens from evildoers.
Evil characters such as Megavolt, QuackerJack, Bushroot, The Liquidator, Jambalya Jake, SteelBeak, Taurus Bulba, NegaDuck, among many others.

With so many villians to vanquish, DW does have help from GizmoDuck, Morgana McKabe, Stegmutt, Neptunia, and also a hero from another world, Comet Guy.

A personal favorite episode from this collection is "Aduckyphobia". Darkwing is bitten by a radioactive mutant spider that sprouts him four extra arms. DW begins to defend the city as "Aracnoduck". A nice tribute to another superhero that has his third movie coming out next year.

This is one show that does not take itself seriously. Expect to see many gags involving classic cartoon cliches such as anvils, mallets, dynamite, wild takes, and exggarated actions that can only take place in an animated world.

The only complaint I have about the set is that the "pilot" is actually made up from two syndicated episodes. Being so means that there are cut scenes from the original 1 hour special that introduced Darkwing to the Disney Afternoon lineup.
I suggest in picking up this set if you have fond memories of this classic Disney Afternoon show. I suggest in picking up this set if you have a fondness for animation. I suggest in picking this up if you feel like having a laugh. All in all, I suggest in picking up this set just for the sake of picking up this set. Let's Get Dangerous!

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