Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Just Us Justice Ducks" Comic Adaptation

I forgot all about this book!
Another find as I was going through my comic collection.
In 1992, Walt Disney Magazine Publishing Group released a collector's line called "Disney's Cartoon Tales". As you can see by the back cover scan, many characters had their own stories published. Darkwing Duck was my choice of course. I love that 2-part episode!
The credits for the publication reads as follows:

Based on a teleplay by Kevin Campbell & Brian Swenlin
Adapted by Doug Gray
Art by John Blair Moore & Gary Martin
Colored by Gaff
Lettered by Gasper Saladino
Cover designed by Gary Albright
Cover art by Ed Murrieta & Brian Garvey
Cover colored by Cris Palomino

John Blair Moore also did the art for the mini-series based on "Darkly Dawns The Duck".
His style is nice and loose which captures a cartoony feel. But it doesn't feel "finished". I guess you could say that Mr. Moore's art style has influenced my own.

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