Monday, November 13, 2006

Random Wild Take

I was watching my Roger Rabbit DVD a little while ago and I got to thinking about how great the "wild take" is.
A "take" is a cartoon character's reaction to something, be it a surprise or a subtle action. You may have noticed this often when a character does a double-take by squashing down into an anticipation and springs up in surprise.
A "wild take" takes it to the next level. This is when a character's eye balls pop out bigger then their head, or when the head separates into several heads, or when a character's body flies up into the air and vibrates in place. The great golden age animation director Tex Avery perfected this technique.
The animators on the Roger Rabbit cartoon, "Rollercoaster Rabbit" were highly influenced by Avery's style, as is the character of Roger himself. Here are some screenshots of one of the many wild takes Roger does in the cartoon.

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