Monday, December 04, 2006

Disney To Release New Theatrical Shorts

Posted By The New York Times on December the 3rd,
"For Disney, Something Old (and Short) is New Again" by Charles Solomon
The article goes on to say that Disney animation is going to once again start producing new animated shorts to be played at the beginning of Disney features.
As taken from the article:
"Four new shorts are in development at Disney: “The Ballad of Nessie,” a stylized account of the origin of the Loch Ness monster; “Golgo’s Guest,” about a meeting between a Russian frontier guard and an extraterrestrial; “Prep and Landing,” in which two inept elves ready a house for Santa’s visit; and “How to Install Your Home Theater,” the return of Goofy’s popular “How to” shorts of the ’40s and ’50s, in which a deadpan narrator explains how to play a sport or execute a task, while Goofy attempts to demonstrate — with disastrous results. The new Goofy short is slated to go into production early next year."
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Things look good in the field of animation again! Hopefully these new shorts will be better than the 2003 attempt of Larry Doyle's Looney Tunes.

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PCUnfunny said...

I don't have my hopes up.These classic cartoon revivals end up in failure 95% of the time.They say "we're going back to the classics" but then you watch the final product and wonder what the hell they meant by "classic". I will say one thing in Disney's favor,they have tried harder to revive there classic characters then the WB's lackluster attempts.