Monday, January 15, 2007

Animation Scene: 1994

I would like to share this "Animation Scene" article I found in a late 1994 issue of Comics Scene.
Bob Miller goes on to list the upcoming projects from different studios.
Hanna Barbera releases "A Flintstones Christmas Carol", The upcoming "World Premiere Toons" and more "Space Ghost Coast to Coast".
"The 50 Greatest Cartoons" by Jerry Beck is released by Turner Publishing.
Film Roman announces "The Mask" animated series.
Warner Bros Television Animation announces "The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries", "Freakazoid!" and more "Animaniacs".
Disney Animation announces "The Goofy Movie", "The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show", "Gargoyles" and "Timon and Pumbaa".

Ah, re-reading this news takes me back to a better time when studios were constantly releasing "quality" cartoon shows.


Just Plain Kaemus said...

I still have that particular issue of COMICS SCENE magazine (I think.)
Learning about Hanna-Barbera discontinuing production of SWAT Kats after making only 10 episodes that season was quite a devastating blow for fans of the series. But we had the "What a Cartoon!" projects to look forward t, by soon-to-be famous animators like Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken, and a host of others!

Anonymous said...

The magazine forgot to mention that What A Cartoon! was made by Hanna-Barbera's new subsidiary Cartoon Network Studios (founded in 1994 and was the true company behind WAC!, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow & Chicken, I.M. Weasel, The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Time Squad, Grim & Evil, Robot Jones, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Clone Wars, Foster's, and Camp Lazo to name a few.)