Friday, February 02, 2007

The Great Boston Lite Bright Fiasco

Could the guerrilla marketing of Aqua Teen Hunger Force have gone worse or better?
They say "there is no bad publicity" and by now, all of North America has heard of the show. But only fans of the show know there is a feature film based on the show hitting theatres soon, notice there has been no mention of the film in any of the Boston-scare news reports?
Once word of the movie get out, people are going to know what the show is, thanks to this over reaction of the good people of Boston.
True, it does seem to be a bit crude in this post-911 world of ours, but doesn't all the media just end up spreading the paranoia of terrorism? And why was Boston the only city to be thrown into choas? These boxes were distributed in many other US cities.
Society just seems a little bit uptight right now...

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