Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wacky Garfield Gags

This is a personal favorite Garfield book that was published in 1986, "The -Unabridged -Uncensored -Unbelievable Garfield".
This was a unique collection of gags by Jim Davis and like the cover suggests, "gags you've never seen before...", not too sure if they've been used again?
I'm guessing these were doodles or deleted gags not used in the actual strip at the time. A clever idea for fresh material.


Jon Cooke said...

I remember this book! I don't think it has ever been republished. There were some other oddball one-shot Garfield books during Garfield's heydey- like "Garfield's 9 Lives" and "Garfield's Book of Cat Names". Have you ever seen the book "Garfield's Judgement Day" that one was originally intended to be a full-length animated movie but was never produced.

J.E.Daniels said...

I've never seen "Garfield's Judgement Day".
Is it anything like the ending to "Garfield's 9 Lives"?

Jon Cooke said...

This is the plot of "Garfield's Judgment Day" from Amazon.com (where you can pick up a used copy pretty cheap):

"There's a terrible storm brewing. It's coming soon. It could mean the end of everything! And only the cats and dogs sense its approach! How can they warn the humans about this impending doom?
It's up to the ever-resourceful Garfield to discover a solution. He's racing against time and the deadly storm, but with the help of all the pets in town, and a little Garfield genius, he might find a way to avert disaster!
There's no rest for the weary, Garfield. Judgment Day is right around the corner!"

Arlene also played a major role in the story, if I recall correctly. That plot really sounds more interesting than either of the recent CGI movies.

A song from the abandoned movie was also performed on the Garfield 10th Anniversary TV special Jim Davis hosted in 1988 on CBS.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Having read about "Garfield's Judgement Day", I'd rather see that than anything done with the cat nowadays if it held my interest.