Thursday, March 01, 2007

Brett Koth Gets Recognition

As commented by Jon Cooke on my earlier post about Jim Davis' U.S. Acres comic strip, Brett Koth was responsible for the wacky humor the strip boasted.
Brett Koth started to sign the strip along with creator Jim Davis in the final year of production.
I was able to find my 1989 copy of U.S. Acres Hams It Up: The Fifth Book where Brett started to put his signature on the strip.
May I present a slew of strips from the collection starting with the first strip signed by Koth.


Anonymous said...

Much funnier than the animated version on "Garfield and Friends."

Christopher said...

I wouldn't be surprised if these helped inspire the animated series to be as wild as possible. Really hope you can post some more U.S Acres in the future, Daniel :)