Sunday, March 25, 2007

Comcast Hosts Spiderman 3

Comcast has released a new online feature devoted to the upcoming Spiderman 3!
On the site, you can watch trailers, behind-the-scenes work and exclusives. "The Saga of the Black Costume" is an interesting feature as it dives into Spidey's comic career and reveals the origin of the black costume and how it affected people in his life.
Another great thing the site has to offer is the final trailer for Spiderman 3!
In the trailer we finally see footage of Venom in action! See it now!


Shane said...

Cool new trailer!

Anonymous said...

I think the Raimi-Venom is a great deception for all that Venom fans. It seems Sam Raimi had an accurate perception about what thing Venom should be for Spiderman Universe. Unfortunately, in its very own creativity, Sam eliminated all the symbolisms that many drawers, despite small changes, knew to preserve.

GREAT WHITE LOGO IN CHEST. Contrast between white and black means danger, “be careful”, poisson. Just look at the nature, any bug with this color pattern is saying “hey, buddy. Stay away”. Instead, Raimi-Venom has a tiny grey spider, barely visible.

GREAT TEETH ALWAYS EXPOSED. This means aggression and violence at extreme and permanent. Is not Venom this, always?. Instead, Raimi-Venom has a couple of big lips covering mostly time tiny teeth. Just look at the production photos.

HEIGHT. Size matters. It means power and implicit domination. Instead, Raimi-Venom is almost a dwarf.

GREAT TONGUE. Sadism and cruelty, they are basic in Venom’s personality. If it has, Raimi-Venom doesn’t shows anything like that.

After this, any doubt that Raimi-Venom is a great deception?