Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hanna Barbera Line 3 First Look

McFarlane Toys had a booth at the recent New York Comic-Con and they had some of their upcoming figures on display.
3 characters from the 3rd line of Hanna Barbera action figures set to hit stores this April were also displayed.
Follow the link to see the first pics of The Great Grape Ape, Huckleberry Hound and Secret Squirrel!
Hopefully the new line will have an online feature soon to showcase the rest of the new figures!

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rodineisilveira said...

J. E. Daniels,

I saw the third set of the Hanna-Barbera action figures (made by McFarlane Toys), and I could notice that the Huckleberry Hound maquette recreates one of the episodes from this beloved Hanna-Barbera character: Nutts Over Mutts, where Huck appears as a dog catcher, who goes after a dog who's without his licence. And this dog is that full-tricked dog, who gave many work for Huck on various episodes.
Well, this was what I've had to report here.


Rodinei Campos da Silveira (from São Paulo, Brazil)