Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tex Avery Comics

Back in 1995, Dark Horse Comics started a limited line of Tex Avery Comics. (I taking a guess here, but Dark Horse was responsible for The Mask and Avery's cartoons were featured in the live action film. This could be the reason why the line was ever considered.)
The main Avery characters that had their own books were Wolf & Red, Droopy and Screwball Squirrel.
I personally collected the Wolf & Red run and only grabbed one issue of Droopy.
The Screwy Squirrel book had some terrible art and writing if I recall correctly. I think the main reason I never picked up an issue was because it looked boring.

The artist who did these characters justice was Stephanie Gladden.
Her style is very cartoony and realistic at the same time. Her style mimicked Tex Avery's very well. She even inserted a Tex cameo in one of the stories.
There were ads for the Tex Avery VHS tapes and Laserdiscs in the comics as well. Avery's cartoon characters were inserted into the backgrounds or played small roles in the various stories.The turkey from "Jerky Turkey" and Spike made apperances in stories as well.
Unfortunately, the Tex Avery Comics line never achieved popularity and was cancelled.


PCUnfunny said...

A shame this series was cancelled. I also like those Laser Disc covers, they look *shock *gasp* funny ! I whish the morons making the LTGC covers did something half as good as these Tex Avery ones.

Paul Castiglia said...

I wrote four back-up stories for Dark Horse's Tex Avery comics. I received the best review of my career for these, from animation/comics legend Scott Shaw, who said my stories actually succeeded in capturing the essence of Avery's cartoons in comic book form (something I really strived for - I didn't want to just use the characters to do generic humor comic stories the way to many comics based on cartoon characters have been done for decades - I really tried to emphasize the visual gags and lunacy of a typical Avery cartoon). Here's a list of my stories if you're interested in tracking them down:

SCREWBALL SQUIRREL #1: Wolf & Red in "Who's Afraid of the Big Banned Wolf?"

SCREWBALL SQUIRREL #2: Droopy in "Wrestling Ruckus"

SCREWBALL SQUIRREL #3: Wolf & Red in “Snapshot Sap”

DROOPY #2: Wolf & Red in “Pretty Present”

Alan Wilcox said...
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