Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm Feelin' Rather "Daffy" Today

Found some "recently-produced" cartoons posted on that star that ever-greedy fowl, Daffy Duck.
(A big thanks to miss KAT2024 for the uploads!)
Up first is 1990's "Box Office Bunny":

Next we have 1996's "Superior Duck":

And finally we have 2003's "Attack of the Drones":


PCUnfunny said...

I saw Superior Duck yesterday and I really whish I didn't. Most of the cartoon is Daffy just muttering nonsense to himself and the audience. There isn't single funny gag or drawing.Chuck Jones got really pathetic in his later years, this is even worse then the crap he made during the eighties. Box Office Bunny was decent but everything was rushed, the timing is too fast to build up any really good gags. I don't care too for Darell van Citters's animation, there isn't any specific acting at all, 99% of it is just flailing. Attack of Drones is actaully better then any episode of Dcuk Dodgers but it still as the same problem of all the other shorts, no sense of timing, acting, etc. I really whish Warners will stop raping these classic characters and just keep realeasing the good stuff on DVD.

PCUnfunny said...

One more thing about Superior Duck is how sloppy it was. Random characters just come out no where and ther actions make no sense. For example, Foghorn leghorn just comes from no where and punches Daffy, what the hell ? Also Frank Gorshin's Daffy was WAY to conservative. Then the biggest problem is there is far too much dailogue no one whould shut the hell up for one seccound.