Thursday, April 19, 2007

Looney Tunes: "Duck Amuck" the Game

Recently announced by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, "Duck Amuck" is going to be a new game for the Nintendo DS where the player can test Daffy Duck's temper with their stylis.
This looks like a cool little game. If I was to purchase a DS system, this game would be in my collection.
Click here to see some screenshots!


Christopher said...

Wow-we-wow! That's one game I'll be putting on my Christmas List! Very ingenius on how they've created a game from a (very) popular cartoon. I love as well how smoothly Daffy moves and how he almost looks 2D compared to the other Looney Tunes Games.

No doubt this'll prove to be popular come its release.

Cyber Fox said...

Animation looks decent.

I'm pretty skeptical about the gameplay of the game itself seeing how bad the track record is for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainemt when it comes to making games based on it's animated properties