Friday, May 25, 2007

Jetsons: The Movie

I wonder if Warner Bros will release this 1990 feature onto DVD anytime soon?

I know it wasn't the best film, but for nostalgia sake it would be a good to see it on my DVD shelf. Keeping with the Jetsons theme, I actually found this Family Guy spoof rather amusing. That opening scene did always bug me....

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PCUnfunny said...

A review I wrote about this film a while ago:

I was never too big of a fan for original Jetsons TV show in the first place,they were like the Flintstones but less funny. Jane Jetson didn't have that spark Wilma Flintstone had and the kids were just there, most of the humor came from George Jetson and Mr.Spacely. The movie dosen't even have the Jetson and Spacely interaction and is mostly filled with barely laughable moments, cheesy late 1980's music and sap.

The animation in this film is mediocre at best,as a matter of fact,the animation was alot more lively in the original 1960's show. The movements of the characters were incredibly stiff and awkward.The CGI animation didn't look any better either,it suck out like a sore thumb.

As said before,no real funny moments in this film at all. Making Mr. Spacely the main antagonist meant zero interaction with George and all the other attempts at humor were amuterish at best,it would have made more sense if Cogswell was the main bad guy.There was actually more sap and hammy drama then humor in movie that suppose to be based on a sit-com,Elroy and Judy being depressed because of moving,Judy's romance,the cute little ewok looking grungies in danger due to Spacely's drill. I could understand some of the hammy drama being there but the since the humor was so weak it overwhelmed the film.I guess the only real funny moment is the end, sort of. The grungies work for chape labor at Spacely's Sproket plant,just like illegal immigrants.

Another huge mistake was casting then pop star Tiffany as Judy, she did a horrible job and her voice wasn't even close to Janet Waldo's, the original Judy.Appearently the producers felt that having Tiffany would draw in young viewers,by the time the movie came out Tiffany was already old news and did little for this film's preformance at the box office,which was quite bad .Was there anything thing good about this film ? The animation in that "you and Me" segment was a big surprise, it actually had very lively and well done animation.

On a sadder note this film marked final preformances of Mel Blanc and George O'Hanlon,they both died before they finished recording there preformances. As a result,Jeff Bergman was brought in to finish both roles and did a very good job.

Overall,this film is largely forgettable. I can only reccomend this film to someone that is a huge Jetsons fan.