Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rare SNAFU Animation Art Found

Read the story here:
Paul Manchester’s great uncle, Harold “Al” Curry, served as a storyboard artist under Theodore Geisel (Dr. Suess) during the war.
Mr. Geisel worked with the classic Warner Bros cartoon directors to create a series of cartoons for the U.S. army starring a character named Snafu.

Among the rare artwork are collections of conceptual art, storyboards and painted animation cels!
Paul has even created an animatic film with one storyboard ("Weapon of War" 1944) and posted it for all to watch. Here is his explanation for doing so:
"My great uncle Harold "Al" Curry served as a storyboard artist under Capt. Theodor Geisel(Dr. Seuss) during WW2 and left me a lot of Private Snafu production art and this bound storyboard. I assembled it in IMovie and recorded the Seussian script in Garageband (not a professional voice artist- but you'll get the idea) I just thought it would be interesting for folks to see this short's storyboard. The film still exists in the National Archive, though prob no one has seen it in 60 years. With all the racial prejudice still in the world... in the US... it still is a pretty relevant message. WilWhimsey.com"

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