Friday, July 13, 2007

Looney Tunes All-Stars: Comic Ball Cards

Back in 1990, with Bugs Bunny's 50th birthday in mind, Warner Bros partnered with The Upper Deck Company to produce a unique collection of baseball cards featuring the Looney Tunes characters!
When the cards are placed into card-sheets, the collector is rewarded with several baseball-themed Looney Tunes stories originally written and illustrated by Golden Age animation director Chuck Jones!
I have had the entire collection in storage for a while now and I have decided to share a few stories from the set with you!
Chuck even inserted a new Mighty Angelo story....
To be continued....
There's just something "weird" about the Roadrunner falling for a mechanical baseball.
Other Looney Tunes that made cameos and appearences are Sylvester, Tweety, Yosemite Sam, Tasmanian Devil, Charlie Dog, Granny, Marvin the Martian, Sylvester Jr., Hippity Hopper, Pepe LePew, Witch Hazel, Egghead Jr., Baby Bear, Marc Anthony, Pussyfoot and Frisky Puppy.
There were about 3 other series of cards, but without the Chuck Jones' charm, they weren't as special.

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Mesterius said...

Great post! I've been wanting to read these Chuck Jones baseball comics for a long time, and they're wonderful. (Feel free to post more of them, too - such as the end to that Daffy/Mighty Angelo sequence!)

Just one thing, though: You're wrong about "the Roadrunner falling for a mechanical baseball." If you study the comic strip closer you'll notice that the Roadrunner and the mechanical ball becomes attracted to one another because of the beeps. Thus, the Roadrunner stops the ball from going past him (chuck10) and Wile E. fails. When we see the mechanical baseball on the other side of the Roadrunner in the last three panels (chuck12), the Coyote has long since been defeated, and the round that ball was in doesn't count anymore. The last panel where they kiss is just meant to underline that the Roadrunner wins in every possible way.