Monday, July 23, 2007

Road Runner by View-Master

I have held onto a great piece of my childhood.
For at least the last 26 years, I have kept a 1967 View-Master reel entitled "Beep Beep The Road Runner"!
Out of 3, I only have 1 left. I have no memory of what the other 2 reels featured.
I decided to try to take pics of the frames with my digital camera and they look great.
It's too bad that View-Master no longer builds actual "sets" of popular cartoon characters. They look awesome!
The gag featured is taken straight from the 1965 cartoon, "Highway Runnery".


Coyote said...

Ah, the Viewmaster. That takes me back.
Good for you that you held onto stuff like this. All of my childhood memories have ended in the landfill long ago. It's a shame really.

Craig D said...

Why must they spoil all my childhood favorites with this damned CGI?

Huh? Oh.

Never mind...

(Thanks for sharing these, Jeff)

PCUnfunny said...

Great find JE !

Anonymous said...

I remember it!

is very special
is great