Monday, August 20, 2007

The ACME Catalog

In 2006, Warner Bros Entertainment and Chronicle Books teamed up to release a treat for Looney Tunes fans, "The ACME Catalog: Quality is our #1 Dream"!
The 96 page book written by Charles Carney with illustrations by Scott Gross covers quite a bit of the fictional Looney Tunes manufacturing company, ACME.
If you've ever watched a Roadrunner cartoon, you were sure to see Wile E. Coyote use an ACME product. Many other Looney Tunes players have used ACME products as well.
The book is designed quite nicely, with fake prices, item numbers and product descriptions.
You can see several listed items seen in classic Looney Tunes cartoons as well as products made strictly for the book.
If your a Looney Tunes fan, it's well worth a good chuckle.


Coyote said...

Very cool! How is it that I don't have this? ;)

Nic Kramer said...

It's a good book, but I'm disappointed that they didn't have a page for the Earthquake Pills.

MD said...

This catalog is long overdue. AWESOME!

Christopher said...

I'm definately getting me the "Instant Girl" and "Expressive Signs". ;)

"pretty little math geek" said...

i want that anvil.