Monday, August 20, 2007

Darkwing Duck Volume 2 DVD

Disney DVD released a brand new television DVD collection back on August 7th, Darkwing Duck: Volume 2!
This 3 disc set includes the next 27 episodes from the wacky 90's series.
Lots of great episodes in this set!
My only beef with these collections is the fact they are releasing episodes in their production order, not their "chronological-TV-airdates"!
New viewers to the series might be confused seeing the origin episodes of QuackerJack and Liquidator when they already appeared in the first volume. Anyways.....

Some of my favorite Darkwing adventures are included in this set. Episodes such as:
"Up, Up and Awry" - Megavolt is causing problems in St. Canard and is captured by Duckburg's GizmoDuck which leaves Darkwing longing for his own superpowers resulting in his very own gizmo-suit!
"Life, The Negaverse and Everything" - Darkwing Duck travels to Nega Duck's reality where everything is the opposite of what DW knows.
"Dry Hard" - The origin of Liquidator, from water spokesman to supervillian.
"Planet of the Capes" - Comet Guy needs Darkwing's help on his home planet because of a missing Ordinary Guy.
"Darkwing Doubloon" - A different story from out of nowhere that puts the Darkwing cast 300 years into the past to battle on the open sea as pirates.
"Twitching Channels" - Thanks to chance and Megavolt's newest invention, both villian and hero wind up in the human world where Darkwing Duck is a popular cartoon series.
"Twin Beaks" - A trippy, clever homage to the mini-series "Twin Peaks".
"Dead Duck" - After an unfortunate accident, Darkwing is left to his own devices while being hunted by the Grim Reaper.
"Time and Punishment" - Gosalyn takes a trip into the future and meets Darkwing's alter-ego, "Darkwarrior Duck".
"The Darkwing Squad" - S.H.U.S.H. has Darkwing train some of their agents to battle against F.O.W.L. and Steelbeak.
Here are some screenshots from the series for your viewing pleasure!

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Christopher said...

GOD, this is taking me back! I remember watching these episodes way back in the 90's. The Walrus character, notably, reminds me a LOT of the one from "The Walrus and the Carpenter" from Disney's "Alice in Wonderland".

That's it. When DD arrives in the UK, I'm snapping them up! Thanks for reviving another lost memory for me :D