Friday, September 28, 2007

Eating Right with Timon and Pumbaa

Here's a couple of public service announcements teaching viewers how to eat right.
My best guess is that these were produced around 1996...?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Rocket Robin Hood Hits DVD

Completely out of left field, comes the 1966 low budget series, "Rocket Robin Hood" onto DVD!
Warner Home Video of Canada is preparing the releases, that's right, there's 2, for October 23rd!
All 52 episodes will be available on two, 7-disc sets. Now that's alot of limited animation!
Growing up with the classic show every morning before school made me into a fan but I don't know if I am loyal enough to pick up DVD sets. Maybe if the price was right.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Niigaan Media Presents Misko

Since I am somewhat involved with this project, I thought I might as well promote it here!
Local company, Niigaan Media has hired myself to help develop a new pre-school series, Misko, devoted to teaching children Anishnabe Language and other North American Aboriginal languages.
I kinda gave a hint to this project last year here:
The series shall be mostly Flash Animation, but will also feature live-action segments!

Back in Action Pepe

Hey folks! I was recently watching "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" again, not the greatest I know but a Looney Tunes venture none-the-less, and when the end credits start to roll, rough animation is inserted for effect.
I've always wondered how the scene played out originally in the Paris scene, because both Pepe Le Pew and Penolope are seen interplaying with another. Can anybody fill me in?

Friday, September 14, 2007

House of Mouse Clips

Just a couple of scenes from the (in my opinion) last funny, cartoony show from Disney Television Animation.
DVD's coming yet Disney?

Family Guy meets Star Wars

On September 23rd, the new season of Family Guy kicks off with an hour-long Star Wars themed episode with blessings from George Lucas.
The Official Star Wars blog has recieved concept art of the upcoming premire.
A 10-minute preview is available to view at here:
Could Family Guy be heading in a "fresh" direction? Let's hope so....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

O'Grover the Fast Food O'Waiter

Classic Sesame Street skit. LOL

The Batman Season 5 Pics

Animated News has recieved images from the two-part 5th season premiere of The Batman, entitled "The Batman/Superman Story".
See them by following the link!

International Chipmunk's Poster

I'm still waiting for someone from 20th Century Fox to say, "Gotcha"!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tube Toon

In Roger Rabbit #18, the last issue of the series, the story revolves around Roger and company's lives in the future, 1957.
There is a funny commentary about television animation performed by Pelvis Twisley so I thought I would share it with you.
(written by Martin Pasko, art by John Costanza)

I am Iron Man

Apple has posted a Quicktime trailer of the Marvel Comic adaptation from Paramount Pictures that will be released on May 2, 2008. Now everyone can get a glimpse of Robert Downey Jr. in action as Tony Stark.

Iron Man tells the story of billionaire industrialist and genius inventor Tony Stark (Downey), who creates an armored suit to help him battle villains. Gwyneth Paltrow will play Stark's personal assistant Virginia "Pepper" Potts, and Terrence Howard will portray Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes, Stark’s best friend and a decorated military pilot. Jeff Bridges is also on board as a close business associate of Stark’s, a confidant and longtime employee at defense contractor Stark Industries.

(info gathered from Animation Magazine...)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Uncensored Tom and Jerry

"These cartoons are a product of their time. They do not reflect the beliefs of this blog's administrator. Unfortunately, racism was sometimes included in various entertaining medium which was believed to be "comedic" value. They were wrong then and wrong today. To ignore the fact that these cartoons were even produced is to ignore the fact that such things did not exist."
Isn't that all Warner Home Video would have put on the packaging to warn audiences? Oh well.
On with the cartoons!

Tom & Jerry DVD 3 Incomplete

The statement from Warner Bros Home Video has been picked up by concerning the 2 Tom and Jerry cartoons not being included on the final DVD spotlight collection.
"Two shorts, “Mouse Cleaning” and “Casanova Cat,” will not be included in the third and final "Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection" of theatrical animated shorts from the Hanna-Barbera era at MGM."According to Wikipedia,
- After Tom blows smoke on Jerry, the rodent is shown in blackface.
This scene has been deleted in some versions of the cartoon.
This scene may also be the reason that Warner Home Video decided to omit the short from the DVD release "Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection, Volume 3"
According to Wikipedia,
- While Tom is cleaning, he looks out the window and sees Mammy coming up the sidewalk.
He hides the cleaning supplies behind the couch and sits.
Jerry has taken the delivery chute and placed it on the front window of the house. The truck then delivers all of its coal into the living room in one big wave.
Then Mammy opens the front door and she gets knocked down by the coal. She then says, "Boy! When I get a hold of that low down, good for nothing..." Then Tom emerges from the coal in blackface.
Mammy asks him, "Hey you. Has you seen a no good cat around here?"
Tom then answers, "No ma'am. I ain't seen no cat around here. Uh-uh. There ain't no cat, no place, no how, no ma'am."
Tom starts to walk away from the coal pile but as we see the rest of his body, only his head is blackened.
Mammy then realizes she has been tricked by Tom and she starts to throw coal at Tom. Tom responds by making a face at her and he runs away.
As Tom runs away, Mammy throws a piece of coal a long distance and it ends up hitting Tom square on the head, knocking him out.
This scene may also be the reason that Warner Home Video decided to omit the short from the DVD release "Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection, Volume 3"

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday, September 07, 2007

Chuck and Friz Interview

With the upcoming release of The Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 5, I decided to post an interview with 2 classic Termite Terrace directors, Chuck Jones & Friz Freleng.

This article centres around Bugs Bunny's 50th Birthday and it was included in the rare Bugs Bunny magazine published for that event alone.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Do'in What the Adults Do

Here are some images I've collected from across the web illustrating what you won't be seeing cartoony characters doing today. (unless it's "adult animation" that is...)

More Futurama News

Supervising director Rich Moore speaks about Futurama's return to the small screen in a recent article at!
The upcoming DVD movie "Bender's Big Score" is going to be available on November 27 plus 3 more in the future.
Future titles being "The Beast with a Million Backs", "Bender's Game" and "The Wild Green Yonder". The final title being a closure for the series.