Friday, September 14, 2007

Family Guy meets Star Wars

On September 23rd, the new season of Family Guy kicks off with an hour-long Star Wars themed episode with blessings from George Lucas.
The Official Star Wars blog has recieved concept art of the upcoming premire.
A 10-minute preview is available to view at here:
Could Family Guy be heading in a "fresh" direction? Let's hope so....


Anonymous said...

Just what we need. ANOTHER Star Wars parody.;)
-Kasey Kockroach

MD said...

I agree with your last comment regarding a fresh direction. I was thrilled when I heard family guy was coming back, but horribly disappointed with what returned. I'll give this Star Wars episode a shot, let's hope it not less Phantom Menace and more, well, pick any of the original 3.

Dulcinea said...

Wow: another season of Family Guy? Let's hope it's gonna be like the first one, where there're also most of my favourite episodes!