Friday, November 23, 2007

Sport Goofy in Soccermania

The 1987 released Sport Goofy special is finally available for viewing. It is available on Walt Disney's Extreme Sports Fun Region 4 DVD but has no North America release.

I've listed some of the people that worked on this special which I recognize that went on to do some great animated pieces of the 90's...
- Directed by Matt O' Callaghan
- Story by Tad Stones, Michael Gialmo and Joe Ranft
- Effect Animation by Mark Dindal
- Animation by Chris Bailey, Toni Fucile, Mark Kausler, Robert Minkoff, Steve Moore and Kirk Wise
- Assistant animation by Brett Koth
This story was originally produced in the early 80's with Darrell Van Citters in the director's chair. The animation and story was actually produced by artists working freelance at the Disney studios then. When it was done, it was shelved. Years later, it was looked at once again and improved upon with edits, re-animated scenes and re-shoots.
This is considered by many to be the "pilot" episode to Duck Tales.
A proto-Roger Rabbit can be seen in the cheering crowd of the final game.
For more back story on the creation of this 20 minute "short" check the link here:;f=1;t=006524;p=


Jeff Cook said...

Another Treasure that came out just before my time and had completely slipped under my radar. I really loved the snappy animation in it. Terrific key poses.

Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Sport Goofy in Soccermania (1987):

Goofy-How To Hook Up Your Home Theater (2007):