Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Cartoons 5

Another personal favorite of mine is "A Pinky & the Brain Christmas"!
This was included during the daily run of the Pinky & the Brain television series during the mid-90's.
The Brain implements a plan during the holidays that depends on the distribution of "Noodle Noggin" by Santa Clause himself which will put everyone in the world under Brain's hypnotic spell on Christmas morning.
Meanwhile, Pinky decides to write a letter to Santa and personally deliver it so his holiday wishes can come true.
Both funny and touching, the Pinky & the Brain Christmas special is great holiday fun!You can find it on VHS and Pinky & the Brain: Vol 1 DVD set!


obtrageous said...

Pinky and the Brain: LOVE THIS!!!

Christopher said...

Glad you mentioned this holiday 'toon. Definately agree on the touching part, something that isn't used a lot in today's cartoons. ^^