Friday, December 14, 2007

Roger Rabbit Sequel Rumors

As reported by MTV Movies Blog that is.
Apparently Frank Marshall has told MTV News that he is still open to the idea of another Roger Rabbit film, after the idea was nixed in the mid-90s due to cost-prohibitive special effects.
With Disney Animation being overseen by John Lassater and going back to traditional animation, it may be possible for such a film to be made now....?
Although I love the original, I would hate to see a terrible sequel that would ruin Roger Rabbit's career for a new generation. There has been talk about using CG props and characters, and I'm not sure that would be a great idea.
Here's an article that explains the "history" of the Roger Rabbit II plans as they were during the 90's:


Anonymous said...

I hope 2D animation is used on Roger, Jessica, Baby and Benny like the first film. I also hope that the Roger Rabbit sequel will win about 5 or 10 academy awards after it's proven to be sucessful like the 1988 original.

J.E.Daniels said...

I hope for the same thing.
Every special effect filled movie that comes out now doesn't seem very special anymore though. You can easily say, "oh, that must be done with computers."
Seems that the magic is slowly dying with CGI being put into every single movie these days.
That's why the original Roger Rabbit was special, No computers at all. Just a lot of puppeteered-props and ink & paint. Now that's old school!
(whoa, talk about a rant...)

Jarrod Canepa said...

Just posted about this on another site. I don't know if I should be crossing my fingers just yet for this movie, it's odd after all this time for the producer to just put a random rumor out there, but I really hope it happens. I also don't think the characters should be CG - it takes away the whole concept of the first film, 2D cartoons living in the real world. I would love to see CG versions of them, but not for the sequel.