Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Acme Headgear

Now you bikers can protect your melon by sporting these Looney Tunes helmets!
Only 2 characters to choose from, Wile E. Coyote & the Roadrunner, which is the logical choice I guess.
I'm not sure of the actual language of the site, but at least they're giving classic cartoons more publicity. (What's with the Mini Pink Panther characters?)


John Pannozzi said...

That site is in Japanese. The "JP" in its address stands for Japan.

obtrageous said...

hey...I've just that helmet! ^^
A friend of mine who's an interpreter, once went in Japan for make some translations in a important fashion-design meeting; There, for his work, he also received some free "presents" and samples of the various products: gadget, t-shirts, hats and the Helmet with Wile E. and, since he knew I would appreciate it, he give it to me!! That's very cool: everytime I use the scooter I wear it, it doesn't mess the hair :D and everybody always look at it with such faces...^^!!