Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday Tex Avery!!!

February 26th is Frederick Bean "Fred/Tex" Avery's 100th birthday if he hadn't passed on back in August of 1980.
Tex Avery was indeed the King of Cartoons whose distinct style is recognizable when cartoons do the unbelievable believably.
To learn more about the Cartoon genius, watch this 5 part 1988 documentry which highlights his career:

The nifty logo up top was created by DeviantArt cartoonist, MikeMedia.
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David Germain said...

HA! You read my mind. I've got a similar Tex Avery post on my blog.

Great minds think alike I guess.

Harley Green said...

This is a great homage to a great Mind!

obtrageous said...

Great post: what animation could be without Tex Avery's work?
Nice the mentioning of Chuck Jones!!

Anonymous said...

Tex was such a rarity - an absolute genius who didn't care to develop self-promotion skills. He came from a time and place that dictated such behavior wasn't what a man should do.