Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forgotten Warner Bros Star?

I came across an interesting book at the local Dollar Store, included with the Looney Tunes Big Face Books run in 2000, there was a new story called "Peter Cottontail: In Hot Water".
Could this story have been a proposed pilot for an upcoming Warner Bros star? The designs are clearly inspired by the classic Looney Tunes look, (I like Fausto's Daffy cane head).
The copyright mentions, "Peter Cottontail, characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Warner Bros 2000".
I wonder if there were any other Peter Cottontail stories produced?


Harley Green said...

James, I must tell you that once I saw that book!
It was 1999 and I visited a friend of mine, who was dusting her room and tidying up all the old stuff from her wardrobe!
I helped her cleaning, and we began to take a look to all the things that she kept for so many years...most of them were all old toys, kids magazines and coloring books! She knew I was a Looney Tunes fan, and so when she found an old coloring book of them (dated 1992/4 circa) she gave it to me...with this other book there were anothers...and this was one!
I clearly remember the pages and the drawing!!! according to me it was quite weird: I've never saw this charachter, despite the desing of the little rabbits was inspired from Chuck Jones' first cartoons (early 50's period); I thogh it should be a new cartoon series that had still to come out in my country, like Tiny Toons Adventures!
Unfortunately I didn't take that book: I hope that my friend has still got it!!! anyway, how was the cover of the book?

J.E.Daniels said...

The cover is a re-use of Peter's pose on the first page of the story on an aqua colored background...
This instantly reminded me of Tiny Toons as well! ;)

Harley Green said...

the cover of the book I saw was quite different:on the corner there were Bugs Bunny and gang who were reading a book all togheter, and on the entire cover there was the protagonist with his friends!

Jon Cooke said...

Looks like there were at least THREE more "Peter Cottontail" Looney Tunes books: "The Chocolate River", "Peter the Pirate" and "Troublemakers". I found the covers over on this website: http://www.saintceciliaministries.com/smanboforchb.html

I hope we solve this mystery...!

J.E.Daniels said...

Don't forget "Chocolate Dreams" and "The Big Hop"!
What an obscure character! A Warner Bros children's book star perhaps?