Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jiminy Cricket! An Odd Disney Team Up!

I recently posted a story starring Warner Bros stars Bugs Bunny and Cool Cat from an old issue of Gold Key Comics. Well I also found another Golden Magazine Special from 1969, "Walt Disney Comics Digest #7"!
It also features weird team-ups such as this first story starring Jiminy Cricket & Mad Madam Mim with a cameo of everyone's favorite villian, Pete!


Nic kramer said...

That wasn't the only odd pair up that Jiminy was involved with. I have a 1970 one-shot comic book with artwork by Al Hubbard that had the cricket in paris where he meets the studios then newest characters, the Aristocat kittens.

J.E.Daniels said...

That must have been shortly after the Aristocats movie was released?
I wonder if they tried to place Jiminy with any other characters? More villians would be interesting!

Nic Kramer said...

As a matter a fact, there was a CD-Rom that had Jiminy stop some of the classic villins from taking over the stories. It's called "Villians' Revenge"(1998) . In it, Jiminy makes the mistake of ripping out the endings of the classic Disney stories. This cause the villians to take over the story and end it their own way. For instance, the Queen of Hearts changed the ending by beheaed Alice (not as gruesome as you think). It was up to Jiminy and the player to help fix the problem before anyone else takes notice this.

Although this game was ment for kids, it is alot better than the cheap video ideas that the company was starting to take advantage of. However, there are flaws to this game. Beside the fact that the challenges to this game were more fun than the four bonus reward games that the player unlocks at the end, there was a questionable choice of the villians that were used in the game. While Captian Hook, the Queen of Hearts, and the Wicked Queen from Snow White were good choices, I don't understand why the game division choosed the Ringmaster from "Dumbo" as the fourth villian for the game considering the fact that he wasn't really a villian, Why they didn't use Stongboli(sic) from "Pinocchio" instead since they refered to this famous little wooden head during an introduction game, I'll never know.

I thought funniest part of the game was during the end the introduction game where the player has to find the characters hidden in the wooden carveing in the door that leads to the change book with the help of two doorknobs. The last character to find was Doc the leader of the seven dwarfs. After find the chacter, one of the knobs says "Listen to this: What's up, Doc?" leading the other door knob to say, "Remember who we are working for!" Overall , I give this game a three, but I don't recommend you to shell out alot of money if the game is offered for a high price on Amazon or Ebay. On another note, the orignal voice of Alice reprise her role this game and she sounds swell.