Sunday, April 20, 2008

Woody Vol 2 Released

Universal Studios had a great product last year with 'The Woody Woodpecker and Friends: Classic Cartoon Collection: Volume 1",
so as of April 15th, they released "The Woody Woodpecker and Friends: Volume 2"!This recent set features Woody Woodpecker cartoons that ran in theaters from 1952 - 1958. Other cartoons starring Walter Lantz's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Andy Panda, Chilly Willy, Cartune Classics and Swing Symphonies range from the years 1932 - 1965.
These cartoons also introduced Woody's nephew and niece, "Knothead & Splinter" plus Woody's love interest, "Winnie Woodpecker"!The DVD set also boasts great special features such as "Behind the Scenes with Walter Lantz" where the boss himself takes the audience through every aspect of traditional animated cartoon making, no computers at all folks! There are 2 rare TV pilots featuring "Space Mouse" and "Sam 'n Simian"!The early Oswald cartoons are surprisingly risque full of adult humor which had me laughing. There are great musical cartoons with the animation timed perfectly as which one would expect from the Cartune Classics/Swing Symphonies collection.As the years went by, production values were trimmed down and you can tell with the limited animation and toned-down character designs but the humor and gags remained.With 75 uncut classic cartoons in another DVD collection, how can you go wrong? Will 2009 bring a 3rd collection? I guess only time, and sales, will tell....And now for your viewing pleasure, yet another Teletoon Retro promo featuring a certain crazy woodpecker!

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