Friday, May 09, 2008

Toons Around Town

I've always seen cartoon characters around Winnipeg used in various forms of advertising over the years.
Here are some snapshots which I was able to gather over some time now.
Bugs Bunny is used to plug this companies' signs and banners:Panchito Pistoles from The Three Caballeros has been handing out glad tidings for years on the window of this local music shop...Seems that Popeye the Sailor is being used to promote big "muskles":And now here is another infamous Preston Blair swipe, the Canadian chain "Giant Tiger" has a logo that looks very similar to a design used in Mr. Blair's animation book:I always assumed that this bird was also a Preston Blair swipe, but it is nowhere in the book. I know I've seen this design somewhere...does anyone have a better idea?

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Martin Juneau said...

I'm surprised that the tiger logo in Giant Tiger reminds a Preston Blair character. You could say too about the St-Hubert's bird face who reminds the Road Runner and 50's Woody design.