Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oscar Martin's Tom & Jerry

During the early 90's Harvey Comics decided to get the rights to some classic cartoon characters to get more mainstream with comic collectors.
Harvey started to print their own Tom & Jerry title with stories that were originally created overseas. Artist and writer Oscar Martin really captures the classic design and slapstick humor of these characters. Fortunately enough he was working with Tom & Jerry since the early 80's!If you wish to learn more and see more of Oscar Martin's artwork and stories, follow the link to his online portfolio!


Christopher said...

God, I love Oscar Martin's work! I remember they use to print a lovable editoon of comics featuring tons of his work, a majority which I am a proud owner of. Right up there with Scott Jeralds when it comes to handling classic characters!

Thanks for sharing 8D

Oscar Martin. said...

First thank you for giving this information.
I am happy for knowing that I publish remembers my work.
Soon I will open a BLOG of dedicated for my work with these prominent figures... Sonn more than 5.000 drawn pages.

Best regards,
Oscar Martin.
Greetings from Spain.

J.E.Daniels said...

You're welcome Oscar!
I'm honored you took the time to post a comment! I look forward to your blog.

James Daniels.

Greetings from Canada.