Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Wild Chase 2?

In the upcoming August issue of Looney Tunes from DC Comics, it seems the writers are rehashing the 1965 cartoon "The Wild Chase".
According to the description: "It's the race of the year as Speedy Gonzales and The Road Runner finally face off!"
Well, if they are copying the story I hope Dave Alvarez is on board doing the artwork. It should be interesting to see his take on the action.
Now, just so I can use any excuse to post the actual cartoon here, here is 1965's The Wild Chase!


Christopher said...

The way I see it, whoever draws the cover usually draws the main story, too. So it might not be David's work we'll see...but then again...let's hope they'll make it up for last month's edition, as mentioned in Matthew's Blog.

BTW, is it me or does Road Runner's body resemble an off-colour hot dog? XP

J.E.Daniels said...

Yeah, I noticed that. lol
There seems to be a mistake with RR's color pallet.
His body and wing colors need to switched.