Wednesday, July 09, 2008

LT Golden Collection Vol 6 Announced

Warner Bros Home Video has announced Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Vol 6 to be released a bit earlier this year on October 21st.
You can check out the link for the list of 60 cartoons on 4 discs as well as the cover art.
There are also 15 bonus shorts that are not yet listed. Could some of the Censored 11 be included as well?
What's unfortunate is the fact this will be the last Golden Collection released. There is talk of releasing more Looney Tunes onto DVD but in what form is a mystery. Perhaps single character releases?
UPDATE: from Jerry Beck cartoon historian : "Calm down everyone! It is NOT the last Looney Tunes DVD release from Warner Home Video. In fact, we have huge plans for 2009 (and beyond) Looney Tunes DVD releases. I'm not allowed to say any more at this time. I wish I could. Rest assured, a lot of good stuff is planned beyond this."

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